Sustainable recruiting doesn't have to be obnoxiously expensive.


Attract Talented Life Science Professionals Ready To Catalyze Your Growing Startup.

Find your next employee, freelancer, consultant, advisor, board member, fractional expert etc.

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Great For DIY Hiring On A Tight Budget

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EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png Job Posts Live 45 Days

EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png Company Career Page

EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png Automatic Email Alert Sent To Startup-Ready Talent Interested In Your Role

EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png Option To Upgrade To Any Other Plan At Any Time

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Boost Visibility & Get More Applicants

Everything in BASIC, plus:

EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png  Targeted Organic LinkedIn Promotion Of The Job (50x more views)

EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png Highlighted Job On Homepage & In Search Results (3x more views)

EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png Featured Company Logo on Homepage

Dkr 18,750.00
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Focus Your Energy On The Best Candidates

Everything in PROMOTE, plus:

EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png  Dedicated Life Science Recruitment Specialist To Help You Screen Candidates

EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png Applicant Vetting Via Application/CV Screening, Personality Tests & Structured Online/Phone Screening Interviews

EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png Shortlist Of The Best Candidates

Dkr 25,000.00
Billed Only Once

Great When Headhunting Is Needed

Everything in SHORTLIST, plus:

EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png  Dedicated Life Science Recruitment Specialist To Support You Through The Entire Hiring Process From Optimizing The Job Ad To The Signed Employment Agreement

EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png Our Recruitment Specialist Nudge "Startup-Ready" Candidates From Our Talent Pools Or Other Relevant Sources e.g. LinkedIn and Corresponding Authors And Pitch Your Job To Them Personally

EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png 1 Guaranteed Successful Hire (No-Cure No-Pay Success Fees Apply)

No-Cure No-Pay Success Fees (Per Successful Hire)

Entry-level Roles, Freelancers, Consultants or Advisors: 5000 DKK

Mid-level roles: 20.000 DKK

Leadership, Senior roles, & Board roles: 40.000 DKK

excl. 25% VAT.

Are you looking to outsource (parts of) your recruitment process we can help you:

EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png Save time: Get support in the candidate screening process. Let us present a shortlist of top candidates.

EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png Make more robust hiring decisions: Build structured and data-driven recruitment processes.

EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png Find Talent: Let a headhunter with deep life science industry knowledge find talent for you.

EZQQ12Az8Kq5XxioxzUVLuZBta88RcaXGgS1H0Js.png Speed Up Onboarding: Speed up onboarding by leveraging personality data to build understanding, trust, and psychological safety.


As I don’t have a fancy office at a fancy address or drive a fancy car, I can keep my expenses down. This means that I offer high-quality recruitment at a very competitive price point.

The prices above include 25% VAT.

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